Syntactic-semantic indicators of the vitality of Slovenian in media Cover Image

Pomenskoskladenjski pokazatelji živosti slovenščine v medijih
Syntactic-semantic indicators of the vitality of Slovenian in media

Author(s): Simona Kranjc, Andreja Žele
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies
Published by: Instytut Slawistyki Polskiej Akademii Nauk

Summary/Abstract: Linguistic representation of new extralinguistic reality and phenomena (with newly lexicalized denotata) establishes a relation between a newly opened referential conceptual world and the current, productive vocabulary, resulting in a broader socially functional capacity and effi cacy (funcionality) of the Slovene language. Electronic texts in conversational form are characterized by a structure highly resemblant of the structure of spoken texts, the main difference being in the pattern of turn taking, which is a media-related feature. E-texts also include communicative signals in the form of specific signs (various punctuation marks, suspension dots etc). Developmental semantico-syntactic changes are discussed primarily in terms of transitivity. As a categorial semantic component, transitivity makes part of the denotative meaning mainly of verbs and deverbal derivational expressions. As a systemic indicator of semantico-syntactic changes in verbs, it causes rearrangement of their meaning within a lexeme or it reveals and determines new meanings. Transitivity changes are analyzed for two types of verbs: (a) verbs which themselves denotate new extralinguistic reality (technical: digitalizirati/internetizirati vse, to digitalize/to internet everything, ekologizirati regionalni sistem, to ecologíze the regional system, internetizirati vse, to internet(ize) everything, piratizirati programe, to piratize software, poračunaliti vsa opravila, to computerize all tasks poskenirati sliko to skan a picture, to network with a system of channels, vitaminizirati margarino, to vitaminize margerine, tehnizirati kmetijstvo, to technicize agriculture, etc, or sociopolitical: albanizirati/ amerikanizirati/ argentizirati se/koga, to albanize/americanize/argentinize oneself/somebody, globalizirati družbo, to globalize society, internacionalizirati študij, to internationalize studies, regionalizirati dejavnost, to regionalize one’s activities, reprivatizirati lastništvo, to reprivatize ownership (=to restore private property), zdemoralizirati družbo, to demoralize society, etc; (b) verbs that only introduce new extralinguistic reality (igrati (se) na računalnik, to play with the computer/to play computer games, pognati programska okna, to run program windows, prostituirati se industriji, to prostitute oneself (=to sell out) to the industry, servisirati izstope na sisteme, to service access to systems, seliti se na strežnik, to move to (another) server.

  • Issue Year: 2004
  • Issue No: 04
  • Page Range: 81-94
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: Slovenian