Srebenica in the Context of War for Territories Cover Image

Srebrenica u kontekstu rata za teritorije
Srebenica in the Context of War for Territories

Author(s): Senadin Lavić
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Fakultet političkih nauka - Univerzitet u Sarajevu
Keywords: Srebrenica

Summary/Abstract: This text talks about genocide in Srebrenica. Author is trying to describe difficulties of “thinking” and ease of relativisation, ignoring and perversion of greater Serbia project on right (Bosnian) side of river Drina. Two basic theses are being elaborated in the text. First and main thesis, which can be used as moral warning, is that Srebrenica cannot be minimized to “number of victims”, so, playing with statistics as if we were talking about number of stones rather then people, needs to be avoided. People, who got killed in Srebrenica, in the name of greater Serbian project as criminal act, cannot be converted into numbers. They are something else for normal people – signs with unexplainable semiotic capacity. Second thesis says that Srebrenica is just part, event or phrase in the process of creation of Great Serbia from 19th century (Garasanin), so, continuation of number of similar crimes done to Bosnians and other non-Serbs. One evil prediction comes out from that thesis: if there is a chance again the greater Serbian monster will repeat evil doing to Bosnians. This brings out a request to build defense mechanisms in Bosnia and Herzegovina so that greater Serbian Leviathan wouldn’t have a chance to do evil crimes in the future, because believing in protection by international community is naive thinking which costed Srebrenica people thousands of dead people.

  • Issue Year: 2007
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 7-24
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Bosnian