Life of a Decree: 770/1966 Cover Image

Viaţa unui decret: 770 /1966
Life of a Decree: 770/1966

Author(s): Alina Cozma
Subject(s): History
Published by: Universitatea »Dunarea de Jos« din Galati -Facultatea de Istorie, Teologie și Filosofie
Keywords: Socialism; demography; abortion; divorce; propaganda; fear; women as source of life; birth as miracle of nature; contraception measures; militia.

Summary/Abstract: In Romania, the period between 1948 and 1989 was very important due to the state intervention in the private life of the population. In Eastern Europe, Romania was not the only country interested in the demographic indicators, but it attracted the world’s attention, being an extreme case, especially due to its aggressive pro-natalist policy. This demographic policy had as a central element a severe restriction of abortions through the decree 770/1966 and a restriction of divorces, accompanied by the lack of promotion of modern contraceptive measures. Generally, Romania state promoted a policy that was more interested in economic success of the Communist state than in the specific needs of women. These drastic elements of the pro-natalist policy were applied and supervised by an entire repression system, which also implied the medical and legal systems, as well as the police.

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: 04
  • Page Range: 109-140
  • Page Count: 32
  • Language: Romanian