A Paratrooper in Betrayed Romania : Mircea Popovici Cover Image

A Paratrooper in Betrayed Romania : Mircea Popovici

Author(s): Hadrian Gorun, Gheorghe Gorun
Subject(s): History
Published by: Argonaut

Summary/Abstract: This study points out an almost unknown subject. There is an episode of the Romanian resistance against communism. We dealt with the activities of the Romanian volunteers, parachuted on the soil of the country by the Occidental secret services. This operation took place at the end of the’40’s and at the beginning of the ‘50’s of the 20 th century. The organism that had the mission to prepare all the details of the action was the Office for Political Co-Ordination of C.I.A. O.P.C. had to recruit Romanians from Germany, Austria and Jugoslavia. The governments of the western main democratic powers, U.S.A., France and England agreed the plan of C.I.A. Most of Romanians who wanted to be parachuted were former members of the Iron Guard. The chosen agents should contact the resistance military groups from Carpathians mountains. They had to offer them arms, munitions, funds, medicaments and food. Two of the most important volunteers were Mircea Popovici and Alexandru Tănase, parachuted in the region of North-Western Oltenia. Both of them were members of the group called Robert. The study also describes their attempts and the tragic destinies. Unfortunatelly, everything failed because of the betrayal of other volunteer, Toma Bebi. As a result, Mircea Popovici, Alexandru Tănase and other eleven opponents of the regime parachuted in Romania were accused for the crime of high treason by the communist authorities and condemned to death. But the activity of the Romanian volunteers parachuted on the soil of their country represents undoubtly a genuine.

  • Issue Year: 2007
  • Issue No: VIII
  • Page Range: 148-172
  • Page Count: 25
  • Language: Romanian