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À propos du «Moment Opportun» (Kāla, Ksana) en Āyurveda
The “Opportune/Appropriate Time” (Kāla, Ksana) in Āyurveda

Author(s): Eugen Ciurtin
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion
Published by: Romanian Assoc. for the History of Religions & Inst. for the History of Religions, Romanian Academy

Summary/Abstract: This article offers a first systematic research of the Ayurvedic texts and concepts (Caraka, Suśruta, Vāgbhaṭa) which refer to the “appropriate time”, or the right and fitting moment (Kāla, Kṣaṇa), This discussion is connected with different religious and scientific Indian traditions. Finally, we explore the possibility of a connection between Caraka and the Buddhist doctrine of momentariness (kṣaṇikatva) of all dharma and the lexic of Pali Canon regarding the temporal opportunity. Cet article se propose d’établir un premier bilan de textes et conceptions Āyurvediques (Caraka, Suśruta, Vāgbhaṭa) qui concernent le « temps opportun » ou bien « approprié » (Kāla, Kṣaṇa), en rapport avec des traditions religieuses et scientifiques indiennes, dont certains rappellent les grecques (kairos). Dans la dernière partie de l’article, on explore à travers cet exemple la possibilité d’un rapprochement entre Caraka et la doctrine de la momentanéité des choses bouddhique (kṣaṇikatva) et la terminologie pālie de l’opportunité.

  • Issue Year: 5/2003
  • Issue No: 04+05
  • Page Range: 199-236
  • Page Count: 28
  • Language: French