Global Neo-liberal Democracy in the "Minimal" State. "Reduction of Politics" Cover Image

Globalna neo-liberalna demokracija u "minimalnoj" državi
Global Neo-liberal Democracy in the "Minimal" State. "Reduction of Politics"

Author(s): Ankica Čakardić
Subject(s): Philosophy
Published by: Hrvatsko Filozofsko Društvo
Keywords: liberalism; neoliberalism; the minimal state; national state; global

Summary/Abstract: New global politics – which, among others, encompasses multibureaucratic decision making, within and between government and international bureaucracy, politics steered by transnational powers and agencies, as well as new forms of multinational integration between states – has created an international “above-national” frame, in which and through which, rights and obligations are redefined, jurisdictions and rights of states. In this case the liberal state protects, but does not stipulate, she is neutral. Involvement of the state is justified only if she needs to protect individuals from each other or from the government itself. In all other cases the state illegitimately usurps the rights of individuals and limits their freedoms. A society of free competition “seizing of ownership” is the foundation of liberalism that will in its newer form take over neo-liberalism by positioning the capitalist economic system. In other words, the minimal state secures a stable legal and regulative frame, so that individuals can deal with their business without excessive interference of politics, which, of course in the global frame, has its consequences.

  • Issue Year: 26/2006
  • Issue No: 04/104
  • Page Range: 849-860
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Croatian