Slovenian youth work brigades in the construction of Youth railway line Brcko - Banovići Cover Image
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Slovenske omladinske radne brigade na gradnji omladinske željezničke pruge Brčko – Banovići
Slovenian youth work brigades in the construction of Youth railway line Brcko - Banovići

Author(s): Žarko Štrumbl, Gašper Šmid
Subject(s): History
Published by: Arhivističko udruženje Bosne i Hercegovine AUBiH
Keywords: Omladinske radne brigade; poslijeratna obnova; udarnici; željeznička pruga Brčko – Banovići; ugalj; agitacije; propaganda; radne akcije; brigadiri; osposobljavanje omladine; slovenski omladinci; arhivsko gradivo; Bosna i Hercegovina; političke agitacije

Summary/Abstract: On all working operations work, despite the difficulties, flowed towards operational plans. According to the official definition of youth work brigades were working groups that were active in the postwar period in the territory of the former Democratic and later the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Brigade were organized on a voluntary basis for the purpose of strengthening political awareness of cultural and educational aspects of breeding. These actions were selected so that they had and educational effect. Construction of railways Brcko - Banovici and later Samac-Sarajevo had a strong influence in all of the following actions, which were conducted by the republics. Developed initiatives to work with smaller units, in threes, fours, and similar groups. Results of the work were the subject of constant debate on frequent Brigadier and which initial conferences. There have been instances when individuals have improved the work of the technical improvements (solutions). This mode is strongly motivated and the other in terms of improvement and encouraged the competitive spirit among the youth brigade. According to the official policy, the main shortcoming of all the action was too little use of the ideological and educational point of view of working with youth. Although there were many organized discussion groups, lectures and the like, often it was performed superficial and unsatisfactory quality. The best managers in technical terms are rarely dealt with more thoroughly ideological education, and they themselves did not have classes, or more have dealt with issues of work organization, supplying of brigades and other technical problems. On the other hand, this phenomenon is due to the weaknesses of professional leadership was to some extent justified. At the youth line Brcko - Banovici, among others, there were approximately 1,000 young people from Slovenia, who visited various professional courses and based on them have acquired a call while in Slovenia the republican actions such courses was not. Some of these youth are later employed in construction profession, or in different construction companies. The authors relied only on archival materials, which keeps the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and the various publications, which had come in a variety of anniversary in Slovenia. Show the causes and reasons for the construction of Youth railway Brcko - Banovici, organizing work brigades from places in Slovenia, lifestyle, young people who have lived through brigades, organizational structure, propaganda agitation committee, participation of Slovenian youngsters on the line, life brigades on the line. They mentioned the participation of foreign brigades.

  • Issue Year: 2013
  • Issue No: 43
  • Page Range: 273-288
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Bosnian