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Ѓурѓовденските обичаи во Долна Река
The St. Georg Day custom in Dolna Reka

Author(s): Vesna Atanasovska
Subject(s): Customs / Folklore
Published by: Здружение на етнолозите на Република Македониjа - Музеj на Македониjа
Keywords: Долна Река; ѓурѓовден; билки; билјарки; нишалки; жртвопринесување; Радика; светецот Ѓорѓи

Summary/Abstract: Dolna Reka is located on the lower flow of Radika, a tributary of Crni Drim. This region is settled by christian and muslem Macedonians. Certain elements from the custums and the beliefs with characteristics from the slav traditions are preserved among this population. This specially applies to the feast od Djurdjovden. The feast Djurdjovden belongs to the cycle of spring feasts. All the spring custums including Djurdjovden mark the aweakening of spring, providing health to the people and the animals. The rituals which take place on this day bare features of the multytheistic christian period. This especially refears to the sloughter of the lamb, the making of wreaths, sprinkling with water and the numerous magic rituals. The human beings unable to understand the natural atmospheric conditions attempted through sacrifices and magic rituals to calm nature, and obtain better life. Mans first attempt was to calm St. George, who was believed to be the protector of the livestock and the earth. Today a larger number of custums have been reduced and only several have been preserved only for amusement.

  • Issue Year: 1992
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 108-115
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Macedonian