St. Ivan`s Day Assassination and Younger Intelligentsia: The Case of Božidar V. Marković Cover Image

Ивањдански атентат и млађа интелигенција. Случај Божидара В. Марковића
St. Ivan`s Day Assassination and Younger Intelligentsia: The Case of Božidar V. Marković

Author(s): Mira Radojević
Subject(s): History
Published by: Istorijski institut, Beograd
Keywords: The Kingdom of Serbia; the Obrenović dynasty; St. Ivan's Day assassination; Martial court; political generations; intellectual elite; Radical Party

Summary/Abstract: St. Ivan's Day assassination from 1899 and events surrounding it — harrassment of political opponents, inhuman and cruel treatment of the arrested ones, police pressures, forced marches with torches, chanting and veneration to the dynasty, had serious consequences for the political climate in the Kingdom of Serbia, for the fate of the Obrenovićs, for political parties, and for considerations and thinking of the individual people. Younger intelligentsia, especially generations which in those years came of age, and some even under the influence of the St. Ivan's Day affair, were civically and politically humiliated and frightened. On the other hand, the protest against the Obrenović dynasty was on the rise, the protest against the existing government, political lack of morality, incoherence and opportunism. The Radical Party was particularly hit by this protest, and its fragmentation was accelerated through dissatisfaction of their younger and ore prominent members, who were angered by the attitudes of their leaders. The idea of a political and moral renewal, formulated in the demand for the “cleaning up” of public life, started in their circles, and this idea was completed by the early 20th century. BožidarMarković, at the time, young lawyer with a Doctoral degree from Germany, was one of those younger intellectuals, born in the 1870s, who marked the political life in Serbia through their actions, and took responsibility for her future in the decades to come. The document published here presents his political views, almost identical to the majority of the members of his generation. The experience of the St. Ivan's Day proceedings serves as a good nstruction for all the later tests in civil and political bravery.

  • Issue Year: 2007
  • Issue No: 28
  • Page Range: 203-223
  • Page Count: 21
  • Language: Serbian