1973 - The Decisive Third Year Cover Image

1973 - Das entscheidende dritte Jahr. Eine Zwischenbilanz des 9. Fünfjahrplans
1973 - The Decisive Third Year

Author(s): Heinrich Vogel
Subject(s): Economy
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions

Summary/Abstract: The .report of the Central Statistical Administration on planfulfilment in 1973 deserves special interest: this year has received the label "decisive year for the ninth five-year plan". At the same time both, planned and attained figures can be compared with the detailed five-year-plan from 1971. In spite of generally fulfilled or overfulfilled targets of the annual plan the cumulated growth rates for 1971-1973 show a lag of quite a few results behind the levels stipulated in the five-year plan. The present article tries to analyze these lags in more details especially for Soviet industry. Besides the repercussions of the extremely bad harvest of 1972 the main reasons lie in too long gestation periods and the very reluctant introduction of new technologies. The rise of living standards also is not in line with original plans, particularly the new priority of consumer-goods in industrial production seems out of reach. It is hardly conceivable how Soviet lags in the great economic race with industrialized western countries will diminish according to plans.

  • Issue Year: 24/1974
  • Issue No: 08
  • Page Range: 551-559
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: German