Georges Perec and the Work of Mourning Cover Image
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Georges Perec i praca żałoby
Georges Perec and the Work of Mourning

Author(s): Paweł Jasnowski
Subject(s): Literary Texts
Published by: Instytut Badań Literackich Polskiej Akademii Nauk
Keywords: Georges Perec; work of mourning

Summary/Abstract: The article suggests an interpretation of Georges Perec’s creativity (given in the light of Bulgarian linguist and Post-Freudian Julia Kristeva) from the psychoanalytical perspective in which the work reveals its hidden face. The author of the article takes notes of psychoanalytical interpretative tropes that Perec left in his work and demonstrates that writing was born from a primal crack and searching the traces for the lost absence. He also points out that the tension between Freudian Verneinung (negation) and Verleugnung (rejection of negation), between mourning and its refusal pierces through the French writer’s work and becomes its underground (hidden) series of events. The study is an attempt to nail down that mourning after the loss of a beloved object (Thing) proves possible and that literature was a way leading to it and its final effect.

  • Issue Year: 2013
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 115-134
  • Page Count: 20
  • Language: Polish