The "Hesychast and Philocalic Mind" in the Theological Thought of Calistus Katafygiotis (Angelicoudes) Cover Image
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Episcop al Hușilor, „Mintea isihastă şi filocalică” în gândirea teologică a lui Calist Katafyghiotul (Angelicoude)
The "Hesychast and Philocalic Mind" in the Theological Thought of Calistus Katafygiotis (Angelicoudes)

Author(s): Ignatie Trif
Subject(s): Theology and Religion, Biblical studies, Systematic Theology, ICT Information and Communications Technologies, History of Religion
Published by: Editura Doxologia
Keywords: St. Calistus Katafygivioth/Angelicoude; isihast; philocalic; data smog; mind; truth; freedom; unity; prayer; digital media; fragmentation;

Summary/Abstract: In the present study we propose to analyse a truth of the isihastic spirituality, which tells us that the mind (nous) is philocalic in nature. This truth is entrusted to us by St. Calistus Katafygiotus/Angelicoude. According to the theological thought of this leading philocalic author of the Churchʹs neoptic tradition, the mind is philocalic, because it is ʺthe prefatiguing icon of the Absolute Beauty beyond thoughtʺ and ʺloves very much to look by turning towards its Cause, since, as has been said, looking there it sees and surpasses itselfʺ. Given that the seismograph of contemporary society indicates a strong split at the societal level, but also at the level of personal life, the way out of this whirlpool of fragmentation and inner disunity can certainly be provided by an isihastic spirituality, which has as its central axis the union of mind and heart in the graceful communion with God-The Trinity, the authentic source of human unity as a spiritual reality, created in His image and likeness. One of the Philocalic and Isihastics Fathers, whose writings constitute a powerful antidote to this fragmentation and splitting of mind and heart, is St. Callistus Katafygippus/Angelicoude, on whom we will dwell in this text.

  • Issue Year: XCVIII/2022
  • Issue No: 9-12 Suppl
  • Page Range: 10-25
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Romanian