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Educația copiilor în era digitală (II)
Children's Education in the Digital Era (II)

Author(s): Ioan C. Teșu
Subject(s): Theology and Religion, Preschool education, ICT Information and Communications Technologies, Sociology of Religion
Published by: Editura Doxologia
Keywords: moral education; digital technology; digital dependance; discernment;

Summary/Abstract: Technology has entered intrusively into human existence, into society and into the modern family, where we live or work, and even into our minds and souls. It is widely used today in all of its variants, thus making us addicted, to one degree or another, on its means of presentation. These days, babies are welcomed into this world with cameras, in order for the family to have this memory forever. Then, when they get home from the hospital, children get in contact with screens, first, in an indirect way, through their parents and their activities in the digital field, and secondly, by using technology by themselves, later on. Thus, devices become digital nannies, a comforting entourage, replacing, most of the times, the way too busy parents. When in school, students are stimulated to use digital devices and to benefit from the many advantages they offer. Nevertheless, the findings of professional studies in the field should not be forgotten. These treatise state the fact that even if, on a surface level, there seem to be a lot of advantages and bright aspects of technology, there are, as well, many risks and drawbacks hidden between the lines. The inconveniences regard the minds and souls of the children, their focusing abilities and the empathy level. This study has the purpose of presenting some of the implications of digital technology in the act of learning, being, in the same time, a warning regarding the perception and insight parents and educators should use in the process of guiding children grow into responsible and well-balanced adults.

  • Issue Year: XCVIII/2022
  • Issue No: 5-8 Suppl.
  • Page Range: 92-110
  • Page Count: 19
  • Language: Romanian