A brief story of map style: from suggestion to functions Cover Image

Trumpa žemėlapio stiliaus istorija: nuo įtaigos iki funkcijų
A brief story of map style: from suggestion to functions

Author(s): Rita Viliuvienė
Subject(s): Geomatics, Maps / Cartography
Published by: Lietuvos geografų draugija
Keywords: cartographic communication; map language; map style; map language function; map functional style; style means;

Summary/Abstract: Map style is the category of cartosemiotics that deals with the map language. The map content is portrayed in different ways in different maps: either in suggestive way or in neutral way, in specific or abstract way. If the map content is portrayed in the proper manner, map information is revealed to the user. It is important the map language function and field of map usage to take into account for this and to choose the corresponding map style means to transfer information to the map user. The result – the map corresponding to the context, information transferred effectively, and the map content revealed. The story of the map style is discussed through the use of style means used for showing picturesque, expression, and suggestion, depending on the function of the map language and the field of map usage. The research is based on stylistic analysis of the maps. 4 different groups of maps of 25 maps were analysed and the style means specific to these maps were identified. Statistics is used to sum up the results. It has been found that the means of conveying similarity, highlighting, and depth metaphors help to present information more clearly when the map language function is signification. When the map language function is clarification, metaphors of sound, metaphors of perspective representation, emphasis, and means of concise representation are used. When the map language function is emphasis, so the metaphors of time, means of expression of national identity, means of self-expression of individuality help to convey information expressively and persuasively.

  • Issue Year: 10/2022
  • Issue No: -
  • Page Range: 52-66
  • Page Count: 15
  • Language: Lithuanian