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Драмата Майстори 100 години след написването ѝ
The play Masters – 100 years after its creation

Author(s): Nikolay Iordanov
Subject(s): Theatre, Dance, Performing Arts, Fine Arts / Performing Arts
Published by: Институт за изследване на изкуствата, Българска академия на науките
Keywords: Bulgarian dramaturgy; Racho Stoyanov; author’s text; theatre and critical interpretations

Summary/Abstract: The study offers a critical interpretation of Racho Stoyanov’s play Masters, written in 1921–22 and staged for the first time in 1927 at the National Theatre in seeking of an answer why it became one of the most recognizable emblems of the national style in the period between the two world wars of the twentieth century. At the same time, this drama continues to be reinterpreted even today, a hundred years after it was written, standing the test of time in various political and socio-cultural situations. What is the reason for this evidently recognized classical status of Racho Stoyanov’s play in the history of Bulgarian dramaturgy? The answer lies in the author's universal imagery of characters and conflicts beyond the local colours and national archetypes.

  • Issue Year: 2022
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 18-26
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Bulgarian