The 1771 Land Survey of Sent Tomaš Cover Image

Урбаријална регулација Сент Томаша 1771. године
The 1771 Land Survey of Sent Tomaš

Author(s): Gordana Garić Petrović
Subject(s): History
Published by: Istorijski institut, Beograd
Keywords: Sentomaš; Srbobran; Urbarium; District of Potisje; Bačka; 18th century; Habsburg Monarchy; Serbia; Vojvodina

Summary/Abstract: Sent Tomaš, present-day Srbobran, along with thirteen settlements of demobilized Tisa military border, became one of the settlements of the District of Potisje formed in 1751. Unlike residents of other settlements in Bačka, whose feudal obligations were defined in urbariums (peasant regulations), the residents of the District of Potisje enjoyed privileged status granted by Empress Maria Theresa in 1751. In this paper, the responses of Sent Tomaš community on nine questions asked during the land survey of Bačka are presented. They include description of area of the settlement, its arable land and various obligation of the population. The residents of Sent Thomaš had no labor obligations. However, they had to pay taxes on wheat, lambs, millet and hives. The arable land in the village was medium fertile. Some of the higher land lacked water. During rainy years, there was enough grass to mow and graze, while wood was always deficient. Ponds that were located in the area of Sent Tomaš were used for watering livestock and hemp.

  • Issue Year: 2013
  • Issue No: 34
  • Page Range: 121-129
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Serbian