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Семантичний простір концептів ВЕРХ
The Semantic Space of Concepts TOP

BOTTOM in the Dialects of the Ukrainian Language (on the Basis of the Semantic Field “Relief”)

Author(s): Tetiana Yastremska
Subject(s): Ukrainian Literature
Published by: AV ČR - Akademie věd České republiky - Slovanský ústav and Euroslavica
Keywords: Ukrainian language and its dialects; dialectal worldview; concept; semantics; semantic field;

Summary/Abstract: The „top-bottom“ opposition is a binary spatial opposition which describes the orientation of objects in the space as well as identifies the spatial qualification of an object and models the coordinate system of the linguistic (resp. dialectal) worldview. This article deals with the problem of the semantic structure of geographical denominations, i.e. fragments of the derivative clusters of the base words of this opposition: верх, гора („top“) and низ, діл, під („bottom“). The author scrutinizes the semantics of derivatives, compounds, combinations of words – вершáдь, вершúда, верховúна, верховúнець, верхови́й чоловíк, верховúнка; гірськи́й люд, гірськá планéта, горя́нська Украї ́на, гóрниця, горáй, горішня́нин, нагíр’я; долúна, долúнка, долíський чоловíк, долíшній кінéць, долíшшя, подíл; нижинá, низи́нá, низи́нка, низóта, низь, низяни́н, низькодíл, óбниз, принúзина; підóк, пóди́на etc. These names represent the semantic field „Relief“. The semantics of the nouns under study represent various aspects of the Ukrainians’ life and reflect their material and spiritual culture. This study applies the onomasiological model of description, moving the focus from the meaning to the word. The analysed units represent semantic and derivational features which are typical for the dialects of the Ukrainian language. The sources of the study are dialect recordings, regional dictionaries and texts as well as linguistic atlases.

  • Issue Year: XCI/2022
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 38-63
  • Page Count: 26
  • Language: Ukrainian