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The Bible Code in Lesya Ukrainka’s Dramatic Poem
The Bible Code in Lesya Ukrainka’s Dramatic Poem

Author(s): Liudmyla Zhvania
Subject(s): Ukrainian Literature
Published by: AV ČR - Akademie věd České republiky - Slovanský ústav and Euroslavica
Keywords: Ukrainian literature; Lesya Ukrainka; dramatic poem; the Bible; code; Christianity; creative work

Summary/Abstract: The article is an attempt to read Lesya Ukrainka’s dramatic poem In the Wilderness, using the concept of biblical code, which we understand in the intertextual aspect. It involves the analysis and interpretation of quotations, allusions, and reminiscences to reveal new meanings that such a dialogue with the Book of Books can produce. The dramatic poem In the Wilderness deals with the life of the Puritan community, for whom the Scriptures are an exceptional authority, the only source of Christian doctrines and ethical guidelines. Having this in mind, Lesya Ukrainka structures the work in such a way that the Bible appears in a particular position – as a code that allows you to understand the essence of the inner world of the characters, as well as a basis for understanding the philosophical and ideological issues that concern and disturb the author. The main one among them is the eternal question about the meaning of life. Every character of the dramatic poem seeks answers to these questions within their own worldview paradigm, interpreting the texts of the Scriptures in their own way.

  • Issue Year: XCI/2022
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 12-22
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Ukrainian