Golden Valley – Neighborhood of Sibiu, Alba County Cover Image

Golden Valley – Neighborhood of Sibiu, Alba County
Golden Valley – Neighborhood of Sibiu, Alba County

Author(s): Daniel Marcel Oprean Crasoveanu, Lucica Cuntan
Subject(s): Regional Geography, Environmental Geography, Applied Geography, Geomatics
Published by: Editura Aeternitas
Keywords: Sibiu; neighborhood; urban; morphology; topography;

Summary/Abstract: Golden Valley is an young neighborhood, being the last district built during the communist period between 1982-1986. Although it is not big nor with a special architecture, this sector of the city attracts with some features that take it out of anonymity. Built at the edge of the Dumbrava forest, far from the noise of the center or the pollution from the industrial areas, this part of the city was and remains a marginal neighborhood, for collective constructions.From a morphological point of view, it was built on the bridge of the third terrace of Cibin, at an altitude of 455 - 460 m, in an area with a maximum suitability of relief for constructions, without risk of water erosion of the soil.Urban morphology is represented by a modern urbanism, with free, airy and green spaces between the blocks with a continuous and regular tissue, geometrical. The last district built by the communists and the smaller as size, stands still in the top districts in the country, according to a study made by The agency D&D Research 2017, ranks it 1st in the country in terms of tranquility and services of transportation and also as 3rd in the country, 1st in the city, in terms of air quality. This part of the city is with the best access to recreational facilities such as green areas, sports and cultural facilities.

  • Issue Year: 2020
  • Issue No: 29
  • Page Range: 59-68
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: English