Head of mace-sheshper from Derbent Cover Image

Навершие булавы—шестопера из Дербента
Head of mace-sheshper from Derbent

Author(s): Murtazali Gadjiev, A.L. Budaychiev, A.M. Abdulaev, R.H. Mamaev
Subject(s): History, Archaeology, Cultural history, Ancient World
Published by: Нижневартовский государственный университет
Keywords: Dagestan; Derbent; Bab al-abwab; Seljuks; mace; sheshper; funeral complex;

Summary/Abstract: The article examines the iron head of the mace-sheshper found during archaeological research in Derbent. The find was made on the territory of a newly discovered Muslim burial ground dating from the last third of the 11th — 12th centuries and including more than 80 stone sarcophagus-shaped burial monuments. The appearance of such tombstones in Derbent and other places of Daghestan is associated with the stay of the Seljuk military contingents here. The circumstances of the discovery of the head of sheshper indicate that it was specially laid under the fence plate of a separate funeral complex, which included four sarcophagus-shaped tombstones. The authors point to the analogous finds, determine the dating of the sheshper and its value as a status weapon and fix the status of this type of maces in Seljuk Empire. The found mace could belong to one of the commanders of the Seljuk military garrison which are mentioned in the list of “Martyrs of Bab al-Abwab” and were buried in the cemeteries of Derbent.