Ukrainian Phraseologisms Denoting Human Actions, Deeds, and Behaviour (on the Base of the Transcarpathian Ukrainian Writer Myroslav Dochynets’s Prose) Cover Image
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Фразеологізми української мови на позначення дій, вчинків, поведінки людини (на матеріалі прози закарпатоукраїнського письменника Мирослава Дочинця)
Ukrainian Phraseologisms Denoting Human Actions, Deeds, and Behaviour (on the Base of the Transcarpathian Ukrainian Writer Myroslav Dochynets’s Prose)

Author(s): Natalia Venzhynovych
Subject(s): Phraseology
Published by: Akadémiai Kiadó
Keywords: phraseologisms; the Ukrainian language; linguocultural peculiarities; linguistic image of the world; individual phraseologisms

Summary/Abstract: The aim of this paper is to describe the phraseologisms in the prose by the Transcarpathian Ukrainian writer Myroslav Dochynets. The most important linguocultural peculiarities of phraseological units denoting human actions, deeds, and behaviour fixed in the works of arts by the above-mentioned author have been analyzed for the first time. The topicality of the study is determined by the need of further elaboration on the issues in Ukrainian linguistics related to the studying individual phraseologisms used by authors of literary works, the increase of interest to dialect phraseology in the Ukrainian language, the lack of thorough studies dealing with texts written by the above-mentioned Transcarpathian Ukrainian prosaist. It has been claimed that it is dialectal phraseology that best of all reproduces the experience, customs, rituals, and mental peculiarities of native speakers living in Transcarpathia. The collected empirical material has been elaborated by means of the descriptive method for distinguishing thematic groups of phraseologisms. The method of contextual analysis has been used for ascertaining functional and stylistic possibilities of phraseologisms in the prose by Myroslav Dochynets. The descriptive method enabled the theoretical generalization of the results achieved in the study and the systematization of the selected material. The method of componential analysis has been used for specifying the meaning of phraseologisms. Approximately 600 phraseological units have been extracted from the empirical material. The development of phraseological meaning has been under investigation, which enabled ascertaining both their universal regularities and national (regional) specificity. The author claims that phraseologisms fixed in the works of art have a vividly expressed emotional and assessing colouring, lending picturesqueness to the text. Phraseological units characterize signs and actions vividly and neatly, which may be applied to a great number of concrete facts of speech. The style of the works is a phenomenon, the result of the writer’s untiring creative activities. It has been observed that describing characters and their state, Myroslav Dochynets often uses comparative phraseologisms. Their use helped the writer to recall local colouring, to reveal tempers, positive and negative deeds of the characters, physical and emotional state of personages, and vividly and originally express their spoken tongue.

  • Issue Year: 65/2020
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 393-409
  • Page Count: 17
  • Language: Ukrainian