A Contribution to the Interpretation of Mycenaean Tablets PY Eb 297 and PY Ep 704.5–6 Cover Image

Doprinos interpretacijama mikenskih pločica: PY Eb 297 i PY Ep 704.5–6
A Contribution to the Interpretation of Mycenaean Tablets PY Eb 297 and PY Ep 704.5–6

Author(s): Dijana Beljan
Subject(s): Language studies, Ancient World, Philology, Prehistory
Published by: Udruženje za proučavanje i promoviranje ilirskog naslijeđa i drevnih i klasičnih civilizacija “BATHINVS”
Keywords: Greek language; Mycenaean Greek; Greek syntax; Mycenaean syntax; The accusative with infinitive construction; linear B; legal dispute; institutional land;

Summary/Abstract: The topic of this paper is a land dispute between a priestess and local authorities. This rare moment in Mycenaean history, which is preserved on tablets from Pylos PY Eb 297 and PY Ep 704.5–6, has been the subject of many interpretations, because they, among other reasons, represent the syntactically most complex text in Mycenaean. This paper tries to examine some of the more important interpretations and offer some new possibilities for reading the text. The form te-o, for example, can be interpreted differently, but in the texts in question it was usually understood either as an accusative case, i.e. the subject of the infinitive, the(h)on, or as a dative of purpose the(h)ōi. In both cases the word is interpreted as a noun “deity.” The author of the article analyzes the text and offers a new interpretation, rejecting the possibility that the word is in the accusative case, and leaving the question of the noun open. Although orthographic problems arise from the new interpretation, it is possible to understand the form te-o as an attribute of the direct object etonion (θεῖος), which the priestess claims to own.

  • Issue Year: 5/2021
  • Issue No: 5
  • Page Range: 63-79
  • Page Count: 17
  • Language: Croatian