Investigation of Primary/Primary Education Programs in Turkey in Terms of Philosophical Foundations (1924-2018) Cover Image

Türkiye’deki İlkokul/İlköğretim Programlarının Felsefi Temeller Açısından İncelenmesi (1924-2018)
Investigation of Primary/Primary Education Programs in Turkey in Terms of Philosophical Foundations (1924-2018)

Author(s): Erol Ciydem, Hakan Akdağ
Subject(s): School education, History of Education, Philosophy of Education
Published by: Serkan YAZICI
Keywords: Primary School Curriculum; Philosophy of Education; History of Education;

Summary/Abstract: The primary/primary education programs implemented in Turkey from the proclamation of the Republic to the present (2021), in chronological order, are as follows: 1924, 1926 Primary School Program, 1936 Primary School Program, 1948 Primary School Program, 1968 Primary School Program, 1998 Primary Education Program, 2005 Primary Education Program and 2018 Primary School program. Apart from these, there are also Primary School Program Drafts prepared in 1962 and 2015. Some of these were put into effect in the following years. The mentioned programs have been studied in the literature in various dimensions, but no study has dealt with the said programs from a holistic perspective and explains the philosophical foundations underlying them. Based on this shortcoming, in the study, the philosophies affected in the preparation of primary school programs in Turkey were determined, and evaluations were made on the reasons for the preference of these philosophies. In this direction, the study aims to evaluate the primary school/primary education programs that have been implemented in Turkey since the proclamation of the Republic by analyzing them in terms of philosophical foundations. The historical research method was used in the study, and the data were collected by the document analysis method. The descriptive analysis method was preferred in the analysis of the data. Realism, pragmatism and naturalism on the programs in question; In the first two programs, which were prepared in the 2000s, it was seen that there were the effects of the constructivist approach in addition to the mentioned philosophical movements.

  • Issue Year: 6/2021
  • Issue No: Spec. Iss.
  • Page Range: 52-81
  • Page Count: 30
  • Language: Turkish