A Research of The Glazes of Seladon Developing at 1250°C Cover Image

1250°C’de Gelişen Seladon Sırlarının Araştırılması
A Research of The Glazes of Seladon Developing at 1250°C

Author(s): Pınar Çalişkan Güneş
Subject(s): Visual Arts, Regional Geography, Sociology of Art, History of Art
Published by: Sanat ve Dil Araştırmaları Enstitüsü
Keywords: Ceramics; ceramics glazes; seladon glazes; seladon green; reducing atmosphere;

Summary/Abstract: Far Eastern ceramics have had an important place in the development of ceramic art in the historical process. Owing to the technological developments in the Far East, the discovery of loam resources, the high degrees kiln technology and the discovery of glazes, remarkable changes have been experienced in the field of ceramics. In addition,these changes have also led to a development in aesthetic understanding and the emergence of different types of artistic glazes. Celadon glazes, one of the Far Eastern glazes, have taken their place among the artistic glaze types as a special glaze type used by ceramic artists in their works. In this study, a literature review was considered on a preferential basis and the development of Seladon glazes in the historical process was examined through accessible document. Examples are given from artists who do research on Celadon glazes and use Celadon glazes in their works. In the process of creating the recipes, the mixtures of ash and clay, which formed the first Celadon blends of the Far Eastern potters, were used. In the first part of the research, in which the triple diagram method was used, mixtures consisting of feldspar, ash and kaolin, and in the second part, feldspar, whiting and kaolin were prepared. The iron oxide additive, which gives the main color to the celadon glazes, was determined as 1%. The firings were carried out in the Anagama kiln in a reducing atmosphere at 1250°C for 36 hours. The optained Celadon greens are presented with their recipes, surface images and comparative results.

  • Issue Year: 9/2021
  • Issue No: 66
  • Page Range: 1307-1314
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Turkish