Specialized dictionaries and Georgian-Turkish lexicography Cover Image

სპეციალიზირებული ლექსიკონები და ქართულ-თურქული ლექსიკოგრაფია
Specialized dictionaries and Georgian-Turkish lexicography

Author(s): Zeinab Akhvlediani
Subject(s): Language studies, Lexis, Semantics, Turkic languages
Published by: ბათუმის შოთა რუსთაველის სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტი, ჰუმანიტარული მეცნიერებატა ფაკულტეტის აღმოსავლეთმცოდნეობის დეპარტამენტის „ელექტრონული ჟურნალი“.
Keywords: Georgian-Turkish lexicography;

Summary/Abstract: The history of lexical works dates back to ancient times, which led to the accumulation of immense experience and content-structural refinement changes. Dictionaries appeared in the second half of the 20th century describing cultural backgrounds beyond language in addition to describing and comparing language systems with the purpose of appropriate, relevant translation. Sharing of the nation's cultural achievements is done through translation. The function of translator, translating the text into the language of the recipient is only effective through revealing cultural painting, which links the spiritual world together: it aims to reveal cultural traditions and values.