Architectural heritage in Bucharest. An open lesson Cover Image
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Patrimoniul arhitectural din București. O lecție deschisă
Architectural heritage in Bucharest. An open lesson

Author(s): Ana Bârcă
Subject(s): Architecture, Visual Arts, Cultural Essay, Scientific Life, History of Art
Published by: Editura ACS
Keywords: Bucharest; Modernist architecture; architects; Harry Stern; Leon Stern; artistic elements; sculptor; Borgo Prund;

Summary/Abstract: This paper is based on the research undertaken in 2020 as part of the restoration project for a historical building, located in the north of Bucharest. A house erected on the third decade of 20th century, inscribed on the National Inventory of the monuments is a genuine illustration of the Modernist style. The house was known as Villa Stern. after the name of the architect Harry Stern which designed and lived it, starting from the early 1930's. The building permit, indicates another name, that of the architect Leon Stern. Without any kinship with Harry, Leon Stern will become the author of some famous Modernist buildings. Also, the younger architect Harry Stern stands out a leading teacher in the local context of Bucharest. Another kind of data there are inside the house. Displayed in plain sight, the bas – relief Maternity and the ronde-bosse sculpture of the oldest couple – Adam and Eve. The sculptures bear the signature of a German artist with ethnic roots of Polish Jews, Arnold Cencinski, under the pseudonym Borgo Prund. The careful research of all written information, the repeated inspection of the house, in addition to discussions with other professionals have clarified the confusion of the names and they resized the architectural values of the urban dwelling of the time.

  • Issue Year: 1/2021
  • Issue No: 10
  • Page Range: 44-65
  • Page Count: 22
  • Language: Romanian