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Quotations from the Psalter in the Apostolos
Quotations from the Psalter in the Apostolos

Author(s): Ralph Cleminson
Subject(s): Language studies, Language and Literature Studies
Published by: Кирило-Методиевски научен център при Българска академия на науките
Keywords: Psalter; Apostolos; quotation; translation; Slavonic Bible.

Summary/Abstract: The paper examines those passages in the Slavonic version of the Acts and Epistles that quote from the Psalter, and compares the text of the former with that of the latter, setting aside those instances where the quotation is too extensively modified to allow meaningful comparison. In some cases the text is identical throughout; in others there is variation between the different redactions of the Psalter, of the Apostolos, or of both. A general tendency may be observed for similar translations in texts produced in similar milieux; there is, however, no direct correspondence between redactions of the Psalter and redactions of the Apostolos, and (with one possible exception) no evidence that existing texts of the Slavonic Psalter were consulted when the Apostolos was being translated.

  • Issue Year: 2021
  • Issue No: 31
  • Page Range: 47-60
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: English