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Civil Szemle
Civil Review

Publishing House: DUE Press
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Frequency: 4 issues
Print ISSN: 1786-3341
Status: Active

Short Description

Civil Review (CR) is a quarterly periodical that was started in Hungary, 2004. The periodical is a real civic initiative: the founder editors – well known and key experts, researchers, NGO leaders – realized that there was a massive demand for the distribution of high quality studies focusing on civil society and NGO sector related issues. To reach interested intellectuals, and the narrower professional community, the periodical - embracing the concept of 'active citizenship'- aims to publish so-called 'community studies' which are scientifically and professionally well based, however they are lacking the exaggerated scientism characteristic of academic periodicals to reach not only the professional community per se but the broader intellectual public in a broad sense. The civil review is an academic journal: it is a periodical that introduces the civic sphere, NGOs and societal cooperation. Relying on the former results, it tries to fit into the international trends. The journal follows the development of the domestic civil sphere but it also intends to introduce the European trends. It has rich professional and scientific contacts in Central-Eastern Europe and it continuously improves its cooperation with experts of the Balkan and Caucasus regions.  As a result of the above-listed efforts, Civil Review has been registered in the international Thompson-Reuters citation index since 2007. The periodical aims to cover all segments of the civil/nonprofit sector and civil society. In terms of disciplines, it is open to all kinds of social sciences, which, from their own perspective, interpret the civil sphere and its phenomena. At the same time, it also recognizes the interdisciplinary approach as it is required by the diverse nature of the topic. Recognizing and demonstrating this variegation, Civil Review aims to contribute to the institutionalization and recognition of the civil/nonprofit sector as an independent discipline. Since 2004, 62 issues have been published, including more than 400 studies from Hungarian and foreign authors. The periodical focuses on the theoretical problems of the third sector and civil society. CR publishes so called „community studies” that are scientific but are also easy to understand in order to reach university researchers, interested intellectuals as well as NGO leaders or volunteers. All of the information about Civil Review and Civil Review Foundation is available at our website, and our readers can download the former issues of the periodical.