Word Frequency, Word Repetition and Academıc Competence in Tomer Books by Gazi University Cover Image

Word Frequency, Word Repetition and Academıc Competence in Tomer Books by Gazi University

Author(s): Gülşen Yılmaz
Subject(s): Education, Higher Education , Pedagogy
Published by: Универзитет »Гоце Делчев« - Штип
Keywords: Gazi University; Turkish Teaching Center; teaching Turkish to foreigners; vocabulary; word frequency/frequency; word repetition; academic competence.

Summary/Abstract: Language, which is the most effective communication tool, varies both in terms of vocabulary and frequently used words according to the cultural structure, historical period, geography, and needs and goals of the society in which it is spoken. Some of the words in the vocabulary of a language are used infrequently according to the situation of the society in which they are spoken, while others are often used and these words reveal the characteristics of the society to which they belong. For this reason, frequency studies are performed to reveal the words with high frequency. These studies are important in revealing the characteristics of a language as well as in foreign language teaching which is a cultural transfer. Because foreign language student should be able to hold on to life among the speakers of the language he / she has learned, to meet his / her daily needs, he / she must learn the words with high frequency, should be exposed to the repetition of these words frequently in the texts and learn enough words especially if he/she wants to reach certain academic competence. Based on this requirement and need, in this study, texts of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 levels of Gazi University TÖMER's Turkish for Foreigners textbooks have been analyzed. The aim of the study is to examine the word frequency, word repetition, total number of different words and academic competence depending on these three elements also reaching a conclusion.