Bringing up-to-date of informations and of informational system in contemporary librairies. Cover Image

Actualizarea informaţiei şi a mijloacelor de informare în biblioteca contemporană.
Bringing up-to-date of informations and of informational system in contemporary librairies.

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Author(s): Letiția POPESCU
Subject(s): Library and Information Science, Other
Published by: Biblioteca Județeană Mureș
Keywords: Libraria; Biblioteca Județeană Mureș; biblioteconomie; bibliologie; carte veche; carte bibliofilă; istorie locală; servicii de bibliotecă; Biblioteca Teleki; carte veche românească;

Summary/Abstract: We all know today that information is the most important element of a technological society and the progress of our society depends on the way we are able to work with it. Information is no longer treated as it was before; it begun to be treated as an economical product.After 1990, the romanian society has been radically changed. These changes can also be seen in librairies, where computer tends to replace the human’s efforts. At Mureş County Library the informational process started in 1994, when the first computer has been aquired.The use of TINLIB computer program makes the work in a library a lot easier. For example, Buletinul Cărţi Noi is automatically created on the basis of bibliographical registerings from the database. But the use of computers might also create some difficulties concerning the accuracy of the registerings. The keywords – or the CZU index – must always be the same; any mistake in introducing a wrong password may produce errors and confusion. In order to prevent this, we have to verify – periodically – the list of the computer program.In conclusion, the use of computers in librairies – with its good and bad parts – was not only a wish, but a necessity, the only way of arranging the mass of informations.

  • Issue Year: I/2002
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 354-360
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Romanian