Educational support for children with dyscalculia in class Cover Image

Образователна подкрепа на деца с дискалкулия в клас
Educational support for children with dyscalculia in class

Author(s): Nelly N. Chakarova
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Education, Psychology, School education, Developmental Psychology
Published by: Шуменски университет »Епископ Константин Преславски«
Keywords: dyscalculia; educational support; children

Summary/Abstract: Dyscalculia is a mathematical disorder in which the child has a constant problem with learning, accurate extraction and application of mathematical knowledge. In children with dyscalculia, the calculation is much more difficult than can be expected based on his general intelligence. Dyscalculia occurs in approximately 2-4% of all children. According to some international studies, about 6%. The disorder occurs in both boys and girls. This report examines the main characteristics of dyscalculia and opportunities for educational support for children in the classroom.