„Polyphony of the Soul“ by F. A. Stepun as a Means of Adaptation during the Social Rupture Cover Image
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«Многодушие» Ф. А. Степуна как средство адаптации в период социального слома
„Polyphony of the Soul“ by F. A. Stepun as a Means of Adaptation during the Social Rupture

Author(s): Evgeniya Shteinberg Aronovna, Novozhilov Sergey Vasilevich
Subject(s): Philosophy, Theatre, Dance, Performing Arts
Published by: Slovanský ústav Akademie věd ČR, v. v. i. and Euroslavica
Keywords: Fedor Stepun; Russian exile; tactic and strategy of social behaviour; theatrical self-staging; Russian philosophy;

Summary/Abstract: In times of social upheaval, both social structures and behaviour strategies of individuals change. After the Russian Revolution, Russian intellectuals in exile had to find an individual tactic and strategy of social behaviour to survive professionally and financially. Fedor Stepun’s life shows the successful behavioural strategy of a Russian intellectual during the Russian Revolution and in German exile. Stepun made the theatrical self-staging and self-portrayal part of his cultural identity to establish himself successfully and to reach a broad audience as an artist and scientist. His theoretical anthropology of the actor and practical theatrical self-staging in professional life and in autobiographical works form the approaches for the analysis of his survival strategy in social crises and exile. The article presents all these components as a concept of his philosophy of life.

  • Issue Year: LXXXIX/2020
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 339-353
  • Page Count: 15
  • Language: Russian