Village Fairs in Banat in the Past and Today Cover Image

Bánáti vásárok egykor és ma
Village Fairs in Banat in the Past and Today

Author(s): Léda Silling
Subject(s): Cultural history, Economic history, Local History / Microhistory
Published by: Fórum Könyvkiadó Intézet
Keywords: village fair; market; trade; Banat; Debeljacsa; Nagykikinda; Nagybecskerek

Summary/Abstract: The history of village fairs in the Banat region of Vojvodina can be highlighted using historical documents of settlements in the Banat counties. The Trade and Donation Regulations in the counties of Temes and Torontal are the first documents to testify about the fairs taking place in these regions. Among the more significant fairs is the one in Nagybecskerek, but the most famous is certainly the village fair in Debeljača. Even today this fair has had a great influence on the whole region. The development of agriculture, trade and freight transport changed the image of the old fairs. Nevertheless, the role of the fair in Debeljača is undoubtedly very significant. The integral picture and structure of Vojvodina's fairs can be seen at any of these fairgrounds. In terms of supply an demand these village fairs have a power to attract the population from the surrounding settlements. A range of agricultural tools, craft products, domestic animals, honey products, clothing, vegetables and furniture expects buyers who in large numbers visit the fair in Debeljača even on rainy days. The fair days in this settlement have a tradition of several hundred years, and they are held on the last Friday in March, the first Friday in June, the last Friday in August, the first Friday in November, or more precisely, they are held on all previous traditional fair days.

  • Issue Year: XLVIII/2018
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 15-22
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Hungarian