Extended Solidarity: Social and Ecological Justice Cover Image

A kiterjesztett szolidaritás: társadalmi és ökológiai igazságosság
Extended Solidarity: Social and Ecological Justice

Author(s): Bence Péter Marosán
Subject(s): Social Philosophy
Published by: Fórum Könyvkiadó Intézet
Keywords: eco-ethics; eco-politics; solidarity; social justice; ecological justice; anthropocentrism; eco-centrism

Summary/Abstract: In this present study, I would like to lay bare the foundations of a systematic eco-ethics and eco-politics, which posits itself between radical individualism and radical holism on the one hand, and between radical anthropocentric and radical eco-centric theories on the other hand. This theory – due to its moderate position – can be fair with non-human beings and populations, and also has such ethic principles which could be applied in a flexible and plausible way in practice, (for the very reason because it adopts reasonable, but also morally justifiable compromises). In this essay, I will treat briefly some ecologically relevant motifs in liberal, libertarian, conservative and socialist political trends and philosophies. But in the heart of our analyses one can find the weak and strong thesis of ecological justice. From these two theses I will proceed forward to a systematic and coherent theory of ecological justice. According to the weak thesis one cannot articulate a consistent concept of social justice without referring to the ecological sphere and field of problems. According to the strong thesis the entire concept of social justice is reducible to that of ecological justice in the end. At the end of my writing I will make a preliminary analysis of such a concept of ecological justice, which – in my view – is capable of unifying and harmonizing of particular and collective, human and non-human interests, of values of human existence and intrinsic values of natural sphere and non-human natural beings, in the context of universal solidarity, which is extended beyond the borders of human society.

  • Issue Year: XLVIII/2018
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 37-56
  • Page Count: 20
  • Language: Hungarian