History Premises of Clarinet Technology and Concept of Virtuoso Plays on this Instrument Cover Image

Історичні передумови кларнетної техніки й концепція віртуозної гри на цьому інструменті
History Premises of Clarinet Technology and Concept of Virtuoso Plays on this Instrument

Author(s): Zinoviy Pavlovich Burkackiy
Subject(s): Music, History of Art
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: instrumental type; the skill of the clarinetist; style in music; performance style; virtuosity; diamond – ju-pearl style;

Summary/Abstract: The purpose of the article will get up revealing the joining to "diamond - ju-pearl" plays of the instrumental thinking as a whole, selecting clarinet finger technology as the corresponding to the possibility of style plays in "flute staccatissimo" on a given instrument. The methodological base of the work is intonation approach of the school B.Asafiev in Ukraine, with a handhold on analyst-structured principle and on comparative stylistic features, hermeneutics-interpretation for shortening of the music semiotics "intonation dictionary of the epoch" on Asafievand the further developments in work A.Sokol, E. Markova and others. Scientific novelty of the work denominated in author's independence of the ideas "theories to histories of the music" (on M.Druskin) comparatively aesthetic and artistic-technological value of the stage instrumental "diamond-type" and particularly favourable for developments fingers technology of clarinettist, ритмофактурной to rhythm-technique transportability of the expression, outside of which impossible being of the high achievements of the music XX and begin XXIcenturys. The findings. The principle of оrchestra type has defined the whole collection plays professionals-instrumentalists, is grafted in performance maximum variety tеmpо, dynamic, timbre, articulation, etc. ways. "Polysounding" of piano encouraged the rеgisterlatitude and the other instrument, as well as mastering them whole fullness chromatic of tеmpеration building. So and clаrinet technology of the stage from New time to the Most-Latest was defined in full tilt on virtuoso "diamond type", overcoming her"steaming" theatrical variety to symphonic-оrchestra types of the play. The high achievements of the music, called to present "minute of happiness and Joys", which inherit the high-born music horizons Alleluia Praising, are obliged виртуозной to virtuoso valor of musicians, who talent and untiring work learn the most high level of music-expressive artistic insight.