Typical Types Сlarinet Technology in the Product on the Demolition of Classicism and Romanticism Cover Image

Характерні види техніки у творах пограниччя класицизму й романтизму
Typical Types Сlarinet Technology in the Product on the Demolition of Classicism and Romanticism

Author(s): Zinoviy Pavlovich Burkackiy
Subject(s): Music, Modern Age, History of Art
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: instrumentalism; mastery of the clarinetist; classicism; romanticism; Biedermeier; virtuosity;

Summary/Abstract: Purpose of the article is an analysis Concerto for clarinet with orchestra J.Stamitz, W.Mozart and the First from four compositions of this sort L.Spohr in directivities on revealing the most impressive responsible moments of sounding, which require escalated attention of the performers when preparing to appearance and in the process of the concert play. Scientific novelty of the study is defined that that for the first time in domestic musicology are analyzed in elected foreshortening of the works of J.Stamitz, W.Mozart, L.Spohr. Conclusions. From offered history review follows that phenomenon of the concert interpretation of the clarinet with the artistic approbation of his specifics in composer creative activity J.Stamitz, W.Mozart, L.Spohr formed in a time of the late classicism - an early romanticism. In recommended burn-in collection etude more than 70% whole material is subordinated, naturally, specified base technicianstroke factor mastery of clarinetist. Offered jagging of the passing of the technical borders in working of the clarinetist professional, from beginning to Master, concerns the gradation of the difficulties accordingly stage technical and of the artistic growth of instrumentalist and particularity his readiness. However, specified three base technicians-stroke positions (lеgаtо, stаccаttо, detached), which source moment is realized "imitation operatic vocal" (lеgаtо), but instrumental "facility" show two other technical acceptances, - cover, as far as possible, the whole instructive material in collection, collected by author given work. In them incarnate stylistic "symbols of mastery" of clarinetist, forming source point and development art plays itself on clarinet.