The Formation of “Person of Culture” as a Project of Future Educational Studios Cover Image

Формування «людини культури» як проект навчально-виховних студій майбутнього
The Formation of “Person of Culture” as a Project of Future Educational Studios

Author(s): Valery Volodymyrovych Kushnarov
Subject(s): Education, Social Philosophy, Culture and social structure , Social development, Sociology of Culture
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: consumerism; “efforts statement;” affirmations; antropo-cosmic; synergetic; computer generation; visual revolution; postmodern education; “school of culture’s dialogue”;

Summary/Abstract: Purpose of the article. The education should be a tool of reformation and power of development for these societies, who move from industrialism to post-industrialism. The goal of this article is to overcome recognition of this “classical” educational model and to search necessary components of the new educational paradigm. Methodology. The research was done by such general scientific methods as the method of analysis, of synthesis, of abstraction, consistency, and method of generalization. Scientific novelty.The study of this paradigm recognized by “school of culture’s dialogue” that requires the teacher of the new type, who meets the information age’s requirements of human history. Conclusions. During the process of the research was proved that formation processes determinant of “person of culture” are: new technic means of study for moving to new “computer thinking”; a new type of teacher without any specific subject. It’s noted that culture logic and human logic but not subject logic should be a base for dialogue in a formation process of “person of culture.”