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The French Historians Facing the Defeat

Author(s): Charles-Olivier Carbonell
Subject(s): History
Keywords: Georges Monod; Marc Bloch; French historiography in 20th century; heroic defeat;

Summary/Abstract: The interview with Professor Charles-Olivier Carbonell, Professor Emeritus in History in the University “Paul Valery‘’, Montpellier, displays the positions of the French historians facing the military defeat from the 1871 and 1940, through the performance of Georges Monod (the founder of the Revue Historique) and Marc Bloch (one of the founders of The Annales). Showing behaviors of the French historians in three registers: of the witnessing, of the reflection of the historian of the history, and of the moralist, Professor Carbonell outlines the influence of these positions on the Historical Method. He seeks answers to the following questions: Whether the defeat makes the historiography a function of the ideological debate between two France? Whether the reflection of the historian on the history draws these dividing ideologies through the use of the defeat for the purposes of the French historiographical push, which occurred in 1870-1871.? Whether the historical reflection of the defeat from 1871 introduces permanently as a position the moralization and the heroization, in order to produce the image of heroic defeat as a “remedy” of a traumas? Whether the position of Bloch provides one different culture of rethinking of the defeat? Whether the culture of “revanche” is created through the assimilation of the defeat from the positivist history of 19 century? Whether the analysts offer another perspective for rethinking of the defeat and processing of the catastrophic experience by the collective historical memory? What makes closer the actions of the historians facing the defeat from 1870 with this from 1940 in historiography plan?

  • Issue Year: 2001
  • Issue No: 1-3
  • Page Range: 32-47
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Bulgarian