A person from disadvantaged background in the literary work by Jacqueline Wilson Cover Image

Človek zo znevýhodneného prostredia v tvorbe Jacqueline Wilsonovej
A person from disadvantaged background in the literary work by Jacqueline Wilson

Author(s): Brigita Šimonová
Subject(s): Studies of Literature, British Literature
Published by: Vydavateľstvo Prešovskej univerzity v Prešove
Keywords: Jacqueline Wilson; literary character;

Summary/Abstract: The article focuses on the issue of a person from disadvantaged social background as featured in the following books by Jacqueline Wilson The Illustrated Mum, Dustbin baby and Diamond. These literary works deal with mothers and daughters who live on the margin of society. In the case of the mothers, it is their choice, butin the case of their daughters, it is a consequence. These attractive stories for young readers are told by a child narrator, thus they are affected by child’s perspective, i.e. child’s perceiving and experiencing reality. More advanced readers can deduce deeper meaning and gain some information about functioning of the social system in Great Britain, for example the issue of placing children in foster families and the possibility of removing them from one family and placing them in the other before reaching adulthood. The analysed stories capture the absence of affable feelings in the child during such process, by which they are affected for the rest of their life. The life on the margin of society puts the children into a vicious circle as it is very difficult for them to find one’s wayout. The books by this author can be recommended also to students and social workers.

  • Issue Year: VI/2018
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 80-86
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Slovak