On interpreting the meaning of the words zpolitizovaný ‘politicized’ and politika ‘politics/policy/polity’ Cover Image
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K výkladu významu slov zpolitizovaný a politika
On interpreting the meaning of the words zpolitizovaný ‘politicized’ and politika ‘politics/policy/polity’

Author(s): Josef Šimandl
Subject(s): Western Slavic Languages
Published by: Ústav pro jazyk český Akademie věd České republiky
Keywords: adjective zpolitizovaný ‘politicized’;game theory;meaning explanations;notion of game;noun politika ‘politics/policy/polity’;philological description

Summary/Abstract: The article offers a philological description of usage, mainly focused on the adjective zpolitizovaný ‘politicized’, thus far not mentioned in Czech dictionaries. The first part presents the semantic fields of nouns usually modified with the adjective zpolitizovaný. The second part brings some observations on context, grammatical properties (negation, gradation), the history of usage and properties of the lexical meaning. The third part shows that the meaning of the adjective zpolitizovaný cannot be derived from the explanation of the meanings of basic words (esp. politika), and then offers a method for explaining the respective meanings (incl. the adjective zideologizovaný ‘having been made ideological’). Because one of key words in the new meaning description was game, the fourth part first focuses on usage of the expression politická hra ‘political game’; then lexicographic problems with verbs for playing are sketched; afterwards the game theory is mentioned as a possible inspiration for pragmatics research. The last part offers two more general observations.

  • Issue Year: 102/2019
  • Issue No: 1-2
  • Page Range: 5-24
  • Page Count: 20
  • Language: Czech