The holistic approach to knowledge in science Cover Image

منهج الشموليية العلمي
The holistic approach to knowledge in science

Author(s): Aydın Kudat, Hüseyin Tarık
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Theology and Religion
Published by: Anadolu İlahiyat Akademisi
Keywords: Method; holistic approach; science; scientist;

Summary/Abstract: The centers of science, administration and governance are the main agents in any country. The centers of science produce scientists, leaders and thinkers if their approach is correct and sound, and the centers of government are the ones that guide the country towards the right direction in the fields of politics, economy, justice and the arts. Which implements the political vision in the country, which results in the interaction of peoples with their governments, all based on the centers of science.Researchers in science and university centers can be classified as:First: the researcher specializing in precise competence; contributing in the innovation in her/his field only, we can see her/him in scientific laboratorie as scientists.Secondly, the researcher is a researcher who collects from every knowledge. He is a mobile scientistthat helps us in public sermons and sermons that speak simultaneously to the immediate event. The article is quick and can be presented to us by students of science or political class and thinkers, but he cannot produce us thinkers and strategic thinkers with a leadership mentality that runs the country’s affairs.Thirdly: The holistic researcher, who is knowledgeable about the fields of life and the sciences and the knowledge and knowledge of his knowledge and knowledge, is able to know what his knowledge is doing. This can be used to build the base of influence and use. He can benefit from all fields of life and science and from all events to enrich his competence; To influence the scientific, social, political and even international environment, which can be applied to the rule of extrapolation and elucidation; it explores the reality associated with science and devises solutions to the dilemmas, and this is what produces leaders, thinkers, inspectors and decision makers.The result: All those who changed the course of science, politics, economics and jurisprudence were of this type, and can be extrapolated from scientific disciplines of science, law, law, journalism, economics, education and others; you will find before you are the comprehensive world encyclopedic.Work in the field of science is in the field of competence, it is faster in the process of development and scientific progress; and competence may be a general competence in any scientific field and this is Mahmoud; and can fill any gap in the scientific institution, administrative or technical. And the strict specialization within the general jurisdiction is one of the reasons for innovation and creativity in the scientific field and in particular technical; and this is unknowable, and we can call it vertical orientation in the jurisdiction, and this may be difficult to fill the scientific or administrative or technical vacancy, it is true that it cannot fill the vacancy; Because it may be unique institution, and there is a field of horizontal expansion is specialized in the competence of the general well-versed all the vocabulary of his knowledge; and specialization of precise competence, this can fill the scientific field and the field of others except the competent jurisdiction.But if we can produce minds that are concerned with the science and inno-vation of other sciences, here is the scientific creativity and here show the genius and we need scientific cadres distinct to produce leadership thinking in all areas of life.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 37
  • Page Range: 127-151
  • Page Count: 25
  • Language: Arabic