Ways of Development of Entrepreneurship in Modern Conditions of Kyrgyzstan Cover Image

Пути Развития Предпринимательства В Современных Условиях Кыргызстана
Ways of Development of Entrepreneurship in Modern Conditions of Kyrgyzstan

Author(s): Osmonova Aynura Şermamatovna, Akjolova Meymanbu Joldoşevna
Subject(s): National Economy, Micro-Economics, International relations/trade, Economic development, Marketing / Advertising, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: SD Yayınevi
Keywords: Entrepreneurship; product promotion; business information; international trade; advertising policy; products; "company-brand"; image of the site; consumer taste; information technology; marketing;

Summary/Abstract: The tasks of marketing strategy are considered and the ways of goods promotion, which is built on consumer psychology, are marked. Companies that can put on the agenda strategic tasks to meet customer demand abroad are more likely to gain a foothold in this or that segment of the foreign market. Careful planning of the business and persistent progress towards the intended goal will undoubtedly give their economic effect. One of the main channels for promoting information is the Internet, it has no boundaries. Thanks to him, radical changes in the field of information technology in the transmission of data and the availability of information at the international level, contribute to the emergence of business information in international trade. The main problem constraining the development of entrepreneurship today, according to numerous sociological surveys and surveys of entrepreneurs, is the imperfection of legislation and financial and credit mechanisms. In addition, business focuses primarily on serving the population, so its difficulties are largely related to the low effective demand of the population. To overcome the difficulties of business development it is important to study them and develop legislative and other measures to address them. The most important task is to improve the relationship between government and entrepreneurship. In this regard, one of the tasks, involve representative and executive authorities, responsible employees of local government. It is necessary to involve the business community to discuss pressing problems, which hampers the development of entrepreneurship. Special attention should be paid to the process of developing proposals for public authorities of all levels, the creation of an appropriate legal framework conducive to the development of entrepreneurship.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: S2
  • Page Range: 7-16
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Russian