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A Heltai-nyomda Apokalipszis-kommentárjairól
About the Apocalypse-commentaries of the Heltai Press

Author(s): Tamás Túri
Subject(s): History of Church(es)
Published by: Erdélyi Unitárius Egyház
Keywords: Unitarian Apocalypse commentary; Socinianism; millenarianism; Collegiant movement; Spiritualism; Voidovius Andreas (1550–1622?); de Breen Daniel (1594–1664);

Summary/Abstract: The study investigates two Apocalypse commentaries from the 17th century, which were printed in Kolozsvár according to the Unitarian bibliographies. On the title page of the Brevis dissertatio… (1625, RMK II, 436) probably written by the Socinian Andreas Voidovius (1565–1622?) the “Claudipoli” is a false place of the printing, because neither the type of the letters nor the tail-piece correspond to the works by Heltai’s printing house. There is no data about the reception on this print in Kolozsvár, but short review of the Brevis dissertatio… is required, because it explains the Rev 13. and 17. similar to the Lutheran historical interpretations and it enriches the reticent Socinian commentaries. The work has a radical place among the Unitarian commentaries, because it prophesised the fall of the Antichrist in ca. 1630. The Explicatio locorum aliquot diffi ciliorum in Apocalypsi (1644) is reviewed by the History of the Unitarian Church, written by János Kénosi Tőzsér (1708–1772) and István Uzoni Fosztó (1729–1778) in the 18th century, although the Explicatio… was not printed in Kolozsvár. This moderate chiliastic commentary was published as an appendix of the Dutch Collegiant Daniel De Breen (1594–1664)’s Amica disputatio adversus Judaeos…, which aimed to convert the Jews. The book had major reception among the Unitarians: it is found in more copies among the Unitarian manuscripts and prints in the Library of Academy in Cluj-Napoca. De Breen’s activity was a part of the spiritual-mystical period of the Collegiant movement, so the emergence of the Amica disputatio… among the Transylvanian Unitarians is appraisable as the Unitarian reception of the spiritualist literature in the 18th century. However, there is no information about its infl uence on the Unitarian writings yet.

  • Issue Year: 124/2018
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 66-81
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Hungarian