Techology journalism as contemporary social reality mirror Cover Image

Технологичната журналистика като огледало на съвременната социална реалност
Techology journalism as contemporary social reality mirror

Author(s): Boyan Ivanovic
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Library and Information Science
Published by: Софийски университет »Св. Климент Охридски«
Keywords: technology journalism; social reality; Internet; media

Summary/Abstract: Ever since the Internet became mainstream the boundaries between the understandings of journalism are very fuzzy because it’s very difficult to specify one news story as “quality” or “tabloid”. The question today is whether we can accept as quality journalism the coverage of tech events by just presenting the facts, but using the techniques utilized by the tabloid media, notoriously known for presenting news in a sensational aspect and can we talk about objectivism in a reality where the influence of PR is stronger than ever. The evolution of the media business and the Internet significantly contributes and responds to the changed consumer expectations for content. Modern journalists make stories to be more understandable and exactly that is one of the main goals for the tech news editors — simplicity and accessibility of the media content. To fully understand what actually is technology journalism in sense of quality and nature of the information it is important to first define the concept of technical and non-technical writing, new journalistic practices in a tech-oriented consumer world and the different aspects of tech news.