"Sacrum" and "Profanum": Sacral and Secular in the Ecclesiastical Art Cover Image

"Sacrum" and "Profanum": Sacral and Secular in the Ecclesiastical Art

Author(s): Michael Selivatchov
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion, Visual Arts, Aesthetics, Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: sacral art; ecclesiastical art; Christian art;

Summary/Abstract: Purpose of Article. The purposes of the article are to determinate the contents and limits of the notions "Sacral art", "Ecclesiastical art", "Christian" art", to trace the reasons and causes of the changes in the domestic usage of those notions within 20th century in the Art’ history, as well as in the Artists’ practice. Methodology. On the background of his own professional experience and analysis of the special literature the author has prepared an essay on the border of Art History and Cultural Anthropology with applying of historical and historiographical approaches. Scientific Novelty. The provenance of the abovementioned relative but not synonymic notions is traced; their contents and limits are précised; adequacy of using in contemporary Ukrainian and possibility to translate on other languages are checked. Conclusions. The domestic phenomena of our days, known as a "sacral art", do not fully combine an artistic and ecclesiastical fetchers, as it usually coincided in the past. That is why in such a cases applying of a modern conventional notion "sacral art" is more appropriate, than of traditional for our country during 19th – beginning of 20th ct. term "ecclesiastical art". It especially concerns the decorative arrangement of the Church’ services, which is much more close to the art craft or art industry, than to the art itself.