Patriotic education in the spirit of unity – inspirations of Karol Libelt (1807–1875) Cover Image

Wychowanie patriotyczne w duchu jedności – inspiracje Karola Libelta (1807–1875)
Patriotic education in the spirit of unity – inspirations of Karol Libelt (1807–1875)

Author(s): Grzegorz Kubik
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion, Nationalism Studies, Sociology of Culture, 19th Century, Sociology of Religion
Published by: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Papieskiego Jana Pawła II w Krakowie
Keywords: unity; love of the homeland; nationality; nation; homeland; patriotic education;

Summary/Abstract: Karol Libelt (1807–1875), catholic scholar, philosopher, journalist, social activist, a great patriot, a participant of the November Uprising awarded the Cross “Military Virtue”, is the author of a unique work About the love to the homeland, considered the jewel of patriotic literature. In the article, author analyzes the concept of the homeland and love of it, where he infers conditions and rules of education for love of country. According to Libelt, homeland consists a number of important factors and with each of them the inhabitant of the country stays in close connectivity – with the land, the people, the laws prevailing in the country,with national characteristics and so on  –  such that we can find the ontological unity at the level of each of these factors between the man and the homeland. Thus the concept of education for love of the homeland developed by Karol Libelt maybe called the principle of unity in patriotic education. Its result of it is not only emotional and exhibiting deficiencies, but also the rational and conscious, so also complete love of the homeland. Karol Libelt by his works and his life entered to the pantheon of Polish national creators, and his ideas stay faithful to the social teaching of the Church.

  • Issue Year: 6/2014
  • Issue No: 2 (11)
  • Page Range: 209-219
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Polish