Management of Diversificataion System in Aerospace Industry Cover Image

Управление диверсификацией ракетно-космической промышленности России
Management of Diversificataion System in Aerospace Industry

Author(s): Yuriy Veniaminovich Vlasov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Shursin
Subject(s): Economy
Published by: Институт экономики Уральского отделения Российской академии наук
Keywords: diversification; aerospace industry; industry reforming; economic risks; performance efficiency; economic stability; mathematical modelling; system for managing diversification; competitiveness;

Summary/Abstract: The article is devoted to the development of approaches to improve the efficiency of Russian aerospace industry enterprisesin terms of industry reforming given the influence of economic risks and financial instability. The article discusses the policyof the diversification of production as one of the key factors of increasing the competitiveness of domestic aerospace industryenterprises. The authors analyze the experience of domestic and foreign corporations in the sphere of diversification andconclude that Russian space enterprises and corporations lag behind the development of international companies in carrying outdiversification. The interconnection between enterprise economic stability and the diversification of its production is established.The authors have developed a mathematical model for calculating the optimal structure of primary and diversified productsand its impact on enterprise financial stability in the conditions of limited financial resources. The advantage of this approach isthat it can be integrated in a common methodology of the diversification of industrial enterprises production. The authors havealso developed the algorithm of multi-criteria evaluation and optimal distribution of the volume of resources to manufacturediversified products. The algorithm is based on dynamic programming models. The scientific results of the article can be appliedto create a system to manage the diversification of production. The main functions of this system are to identify current andemerging technologies that can provide significant competitive advantage for enterprises in the potential markets of high-techproducts, as well as to identify and eliminate unproductive or constraining regulations, methods and management practicesthat are inappropriate to diversification policy. Thus, it becomes possible to implement the monitoring of the process of thediversification of production at all its stages

  • Issue Year: 12/2016
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 1205-1217
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Russian