Essence, forms and classification of corruptive relations Cover Image

Сутність, форми і класифікація корупційних відносин
Essence, forms and classification of corruptive relations

Author(s): Maryna Fomina, Viktoriya Kuzmenko
Subject(s): National Economy, Public Administration, Economic policy, Government/Political systems, Political behavior, Politics and society
Published by: Університет Григорія Сковороди в Переяславі
Keywords: corruption; essence of corruption; forms of corruption; classification of corruption; corruptive and shade relations

Summary/Abstract: The article is dedicated to the research of essence and forms of corruptive and shade relations. The conducted research permittedto accentuate the political and economic content of the category “corruption” and classify corruption on definite factors andcorresponding manifestations of this phenomenon.Aim of the article is detailed research of essence of corruption and forms of its manifestation which will constitute the basis forclassifying corruptive relations.The research of essence, forms and system of corruptive relations permitted to make the following conclusions andgeneralizations. Traditional definitions of corruption have one essential drawback preconditioned by the one–sided approach, whenthe state is corrupter as principal and state official as agent having definite duties and using them for his/her own benefit. Under suchconditions the other party of corruptive relations remains in shade. Such approach is justified for the social and economic systems inwhich business and power are separated, but it does not reflect the real state of affairs in the conditions of transformation economies,in Ukraine in particular.Concept of corruption and its essence shall be researched in the context of interconnection and inter–conditionality concerningdefinite sphere of social relations. Corruption is special type of exchange relations combining separate people and institutions in thesingle social mechanism.Corruption as political and economic category represents special type of exchange relations, realized with the violation of formaland informal institutional limitations.Detailed research of essence, forms and manifestations of corruption permitted to classify it on the following criteria: subjects of corruptiverelations, aims of corruption from the point of view of its subjects, initiative in corruptive relations, level of organization and distribution ofcorruptive relations, type of organization of corruptive relations, type of corruptive relations, degree of centralization of corruptive relations,regularity of corruptive actions, every of which presupposes different forms of manifestation and types of corruption.

  • Issue Year: 1/2013
  • Issue No: 21
  • Page Range: 182-186
  • Page Count: 5
  • Language: Ukrainian