Components of financial stability ensuring of the households Cover Image

Складові забезпечення фінансової стійкості домогосподарств
Components of financial stability ensuring of the households

Author(s): Anna Kotsiurbenko
Subject(s): National Economy, Political economy, Methodology and research technology, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Переяслав-Хмельницький державний педагогічний університет імені Григорія Сковороди
Keywords: financial resources of households; financial condition; financial strategy

Summary/Abstract: The aim of the article is the development of indicators for monitoring the financial status of households as the basis for makingdecisions to ensure financial stability.The subject of the conducted research is theoretical and methodological provisions for management of the process formation,distribution and use of financial resources of the households.The calculation and definition of indicators for assessing the financial condition of households are of great importance forhouseholds with the aim to improve the efficiency of use of financial resources, and for other subjects:- state – to identify the reserves for attracting free funds of households in the financial system as an investment and creditresources; the possibility to predict changes in the financial stability of households with the change in government policy, incomegeneration, level of taxation, and so on;- business entities and financial intermediaries – to assess the creditworthiness of the borrowers, potential investors (households participants).The criteria introduction for each of the indicators for assessing the financial condition enables comparative analysis for individualhouseholds (changes in perspective over time, changes depending on the expected structural changes of income and expenditure,changes depending on the structure of the household, and so on), and to conduct a comparative analysis of the financial condition ofhouseholds with each other.A comprehensive analysis of the financial condition of the household in accordance with the proposed indicators forms the basis ofthe study of changes in the household financial stability and becomes a prerequisite for the development of measures to managefinancial resources in the context of changes in the households financial strategies and income structure.Measures implementation to manage the financial stability enables the preconditions creation for increasing the efficiency of formation anduse of households financial resources. Given the characteristics of the households as participants of the financial relations measuresregarding to the formation and ensure the financial stability of households are developed taking into account the importance of attractingfinancial resources of households into investment processes without deterioration of the financing needs of current life.

  • Issue Year: 1/2015
  • Issue No: 26
  • Page Range: 190-195
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: Ukrainian