Improving Risk Management of Banks for Agro-Industry Loans Cover Image

Совершенствование управления банковскими рисками при кредитовании агропромышленных предприятий
Improving Risk Management of Banks for Agro-Industry Loans

Author(s): Ragima Bayramova
Subject(s): Economy, National Economy, Business Economy / Management, Micro-Economics, Agriculture, Financial Markets, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Кіровоградський національний технічний університет
Keywords: bank risk; credit; risk management; banking; diversification; insurance; uncertainty

Summary/Abstract: The purpose of the research is to study specific characteristics of credit risks related lending agro-industry producers, loan assessment and management.The article describes the tendencies of development of banking risk management tools in lending agro-industrial enterprises, development of the basic directions of lowering risk and increasing the efficiency of lending agro-producers today. At the same time, to analyze the methodological approach for the development of the bank's credit strategy emanating from the requirements of public policy to support agriculture.It is important to use risk minimization and elimination to improve efficiency in the agricultural sector under these conditions. Since risk management systems like a preliminary assessment and justified use of credit can provide an escape from the big losses of agricultural business entities.